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***Note: If you order from any links that I post, I may receive a small fee, as I am an affiliate of some companies. But this in no way whatsoever, costs you anymore, than ordering any other way.


I recently purchased a water filter in order to have good tasting, clean, filtered water for my cooking and drinking needs, as well as for my dog. I’m just tired of ingesting chemicals into my body, and my dog’s body, just by drinking water or trying to cook a good healthy meal.

After researching and looking at almost everything out there, I came upon Berkey Filters. These are terrific and they sure filled a need for Zephyr and I. Berkey has several sizes of water filters available, depending on your needs. I got the smaller size, the Travel Berkey, as my needs are just myself and Zephyr, and we are limited on space in our tiny kitchen. But this unit fills our daily water needs perfectly. It will also fit well in our older RV, when we do go out and travel.

Berkey filters are a gravity filtration system and they filter out 200+ contaminants, plus you can also get flouride filters. Best thing is, you only need to replace the filters about every 8-12 months, or so, depending on how much water you are filtering through your system. Your individual needs may vary, and I’m just guessing, based on my own usage with the smaller system.

Since ordering my basic filtration system, I have also ordered two Sport Berkey sports bottles. This is simply a water bottle with the filter on the end of the attached straw. It will filter tap water, as well as water from lakes, streams, and ponds. I have had my first Sport bottle for about a month, and I take it with me whenever I run errands or work sports events. I just received my second sports bottle today. Why do I need two? Great question. Well, me being me, I tend to always forget something when I leave the house, and it’s usually either my phone or my water bottle, unless we are in the middle of summer, when a water bottle is permanently attached to my body at all times. So now, with two sport bottles, I can leave one in my truck and keep the other one at home.

I also purchased a double walled, insulated bottle, that has a drink spout and even a mesh strainer in the neck, in case you want to make tea. This is a well-made bottle, and it even has a contour to it, making it fit well in your hand. This will come in very handy for my coffee, when I work sports events, having to be there in the early morning hours. I’m just not a morning person. The Thinksport Stainless Steel bottle has three sizes available; 25 oz, 17 oz, and 12 oz. I’m going to order a couple more of these bottles, for my sister and my nephew, who are also coffee and tea drinkers.


One of my favorite places to find good dog related books, is You can also get on their email mailing list and get notices of sales and great deals on books, as well as streaming videos.


I also like to shop Smile Amazon, to support my favorite charities. Amazon products rarely disappoint, and shipping is always excellent. I have found numerous dog related books on Amazon, that account for most of my library. I also have found a few dog products that I use in our daily training exercises and search missions.

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