Training Events


Phoenix Working Dogs will be hosting a tracking dog competition, tentatively slated for Fall 2020.  More info on this will be posted on the website later. 

For those tracking handlers who compete in tracking competitions, such as AKC, this is not set up like traditional ‘footstep’ tracking.  In trailing, the dog is following human scent, dropped along the trail, rather than footsteps and ground disturbance odor.  Dogs work a trail using both nose to ground tracking, and air scent abilities.

Trails will be urban and semi wilderness.  Trails will only be about one quarter to one mile in length, with 1-2 turns.  There will only be one target per trail, however, there may be other diversionary subjects along the trail, as well as surface changes and other distractors.  Dog MUST correctly indicate on the target subject. 

Every competing tracking team will have a separate trail.  We do NOT run multiple dogs on the same trail, as that is not effective. 

Currently, our plans call for TWO divisions; a Search & Rescue division, and a Sport division. We may add a law enforcement/military division IF we receive enough interest to justify another division.

Tracking Training in Washington State

If you are in Washington state, and interested in tracking/trailing, check out this trainer. Looks to be an interesting line up of classes and workshops. Jennifer was a tracking instructor at the recent Washington State SAR conference, held in Ellensburg, WA.

Nov 8-10, 2019  GA K9 Manhunter Tracking/Trailing Challenge and Competition

The following is from Jeff Schettler.  He is world renowned in training trailing dogs and their handlers.  He is putting on this competition for next November 2019, at his facility, GA K-9, in South Carolina.  Should be an awesome experience for all skill levels.

“Mark this date in blood: November 8-10, 2019 1st annual Manhunter Tracking/ Trailing Challenge and competition. If you think you have what it takes, bring your dog and tack and let’s rock and roll. There has never been a competition like this in history and trust me when I tell you the cream will rise to the top in November 2019!
We will have classes by some of the finest tracking trainers on the planet and while that’s going on, we will be challenging the most hard corps handlers running dogs today.

The competition challenges are as follows:

1. Stairway to heaven: testing distance and trail complexity. This is a timed trail!

2. Best tactical track. This is a team challenge for Tactical teams in support of a tracker dog. Beating the armed OPFOR is your only chance at survival. Survival is your only chance at winning.

3. 6 hour old track challenge. 2 miles, 6 hours old, the most challenging conditions on the planet: South Carolina’s Ace Basin! The best time wins.

4. Urban Manhunter Challenge: Crime scene based scenario and scent specific. Time test.

This challenge will be using GAK9 double blind testing processes only!”

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