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Nose work or trailing work

I am a working dog handler of 40++ years. I specialize in trailing, similar though different to tracking, and also scent detection work.

I would like to know if there is enough interest here to warrant forming a dog group, where we can learn these disciplines, and eventually go into competitions with our dogs.

There is a time commitment required on the part of the handler. We all must work together as a TEAM. You do not simply run your own dog and then leave. You always will be a hider for the other dog teams.

The dog instinctively knows what he is doing. We the handlers, need to mold the dog’s behavior into what task we are working on.

There will be down time, while others are running their dogs. This is a great opportunity for you to work on either obedience, or another task that you need to practice, or just simply getting to know other members, and perhaps helping them as well.

With that said, there needs to be Commitment to the group/team. You cannot just show once in awhile, to fill time, when you have nothing else to do. If you choose to work that way, you will likely not progress very far at all, and others will outpace you.

In order to form a competition team, or one of our other aspects, that TEAMWORK is essential!!

Obedience is not necessary to start this. It will be worked on throughout the group sessions.

Dogs can be started as young as 7 weeks, PROVIDED they have been started on their vaccinations and been cleared by your vet. These two sports are very easy on a young dog’s bones and growth plates.

What we will not allow, are any dogs who are animal or human aggressive!! Because we will be working in close proximity with others, it is absolutely essential for each handler to maintain FULL control of their dog! Once you get that under control, we can look at that dog again.

If anyone is interested, please MESSAGE ME with your name, a good method to contact you, and a bit about your dog; age, breed, gender.


Trailing Seminar   Date:  ??    Southern Oregon

Phoenix Working Dogs is currently working out the logistics for a FUTURE trailing seminar, with a nationally recognized instructor, who has trained many dogs, that have gone on to have many credible finds. Looking to have possibly 6-8 working slots. This seminar will be held in Southern Oregon.
Email your interest please, to, so that I can better work out logistics and details.
Thank You!

Nov 8-10, 2019  GA K9 Manhunter Tracking/Trailing Challenge and Competition

The following is from Jeff Schettler.  He is world renowned in training trailing dogs and their handlers.  He is putting on this competition for next November 2019, at his facility, GA K-9, in South Carolina.  Should be an awesome experience for all skill levels.

“Mark this date in blood: November 8-10, 2019 1st annual Manhunter Tracking/ Trailing Challenge and competition. If you think you have what it takes, bring your dog and tack and let’s rock and roll. There has never been a competition like this in history and trust me when I tell you the cream will rise to the top in November 2019!
We will have classes by some of the finest tracking trainers on the planet and while that’s going on, we will be challenging the most hard corps handlers running dogs today.

The competition challenges are as follows:

1. Stairway to heaven: testing distance and trail complexity. This is a timed trail!

2. Best tactical track. This is a team challenge for Tactical teams in support of a tracker dog. Beating the armed OPFOR is your only chance at survival. Survival is your only chance at winning.

3. 6 hour old track challenge. 2 miles, 6 hours old, the most challenging conditions on the planet: South Carolina’s Ace Basin! The best time wins.

4. Urban Manhunter Challenge: Crime scene based scenario and scent specific. Time test.

This challenge will be using GAK9 double blind testing processes only!”