TRAILING WORK:  Whether you want to learn sport trailing, or to learn operational trailing, it is the same class and the same principles. Trailing is physically demanding. You must follow your dog on trail, no matter where he takes you. You must also have the stamina and physical body strength to keep up with, and follow your dog. Trailing is mostly the dog, with handler needing to be able to interpret what the dog is telling you. We are simply ‘along for the ride.’

SCENT DETECTION:  We also offer scent detection work. Whether you want to learn the sport of Nosework, or work at searching for and locating another target odor, we can do this with you. Detection work requires more of a team effort with your dog. You must be able to learn how to ‘read’ your dog and interpret what he is telling you. It is my opinion, that to watch a well trained dog search an area for his target odor, and then give his TFR (Trained Final Response), is simply the best feeling in the world!

OBEDIENCE TRAINING:  We also offer obedience training.  Obedience is a basic foundation of work that all dogs need, in order for you, the handler to maintain control. However, both trailing and detection work are easily started without having much obedience training.

TEMPERAMENT TESTING:  Currently we offer the AKC Canine Good Citizen testing. Soon  UKC SPOT testing will also be offered.