PHOENIX WORKING DOGS WILL BE OFFERING TRAILING AND DETECTION CLASSES. This type of training is easily done while maintaining the state’s recommended six foot “social distancing” guideline, as dogs work on a 6 foot lead in detection, and anywhere from 15-30 foot lead for tracking.

If you don’t see what you are looking for, please contact us. We’ll see what we can put together, or refer you to someone who can provide what you need.

We offer group classes, private lessons, and semi-private lessons. CGC/Obedience, and Scent work training are offered in groups of six dog/handler teams, semi-private lessons of three dog/handler teams, or private lessons. Trailing classes are offered in groups of six teams or semi-private lessons of three teams. Costs may vary for semi-private and private lessons.


We break down the CGC tasks into 2, 3, or 4 tasks per session. Each session is $25 per dog. Anyone enrolling in this training will also receive the CGC Test, included in the cost of training. Generally, our breakdown is as follows, though this may vary depending on the dog being trained: Tasks 1-4 are taught in Session #1. Tasks 5, 8, and 9 are taught in Session #2. Tasks 6, 7, and 10 are taught in Session #3. We can customize the training to fit your dog, if you only need to work on a few specific tasks. Please call for more info.



This is the TEST for the CGC. It should take approximately 60 minutes, including sign-in, registration and paperwork. **SAR handlers test at NO CHARGE.


For more info on the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test, see



This is a ONE DAY INTRO to the sport of tracking/trailing. This class can also be used as an evaluation as to whether your dog has what it takes to be a tracking dog. This class will be offered next ???, 9-1130am, and alternate Sundays each month. This is NOT 'footstep' tracking, but rather Trailing. The class will give the student a little bit of scent theory, as well as how to start a trailing dog. Class size limited to 6 dogs.



Next tracking classes to start ???, 1100AM--130PM. Dates to be announced soon. This is a Basic 4 week course. Varying locations TBD. Class size is limited to 6 dog teams. This course will concentrate on teaching you the foundations of trailing; lead control, reading your dog, some distractions, and ensuring that the dog is working scent specific. This class will concentrate more on the basics of tracking than distance of the trail; it's more about reading your dog, and the dog working through distractions, and surface changes. Obedience is NOT required to start a tracking dog.



Intro to Detection

This ONE DAY CLASS will give students a little bit of scent theory and teach them how to start a dog in the sport of detection work. This class will next be offered ???, 10-1130am, and then on alternate Sundays.



Next detection course will begin ???, 1100AM--1230PM. This is a Basic four week course. This course is for the novice or hobby handler to gain an introduction to canine scent detection work. The class will start with an introduction to Scent Theory. In addition to imprinting your dog on the target odor, we will work on searching different types of areas. Full obedience is not required to start a dog in scent work, however the dog should understand the Sit/Down commands.