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NEW BASIC TRACKING CLASS; FOUNDATIONS. Oct 6–Nov 24, 2019. We love to get out, and track people, and we hope that you will as well. And bring the kiddos. They can help lay trails for the dogs.



Oct 6--Nov 24, 2019 This is a Basic 8 week course, about 2 hours each. Class size is limited to 6 dog teams. This course will concentrate on teaching you the foundations of trailing; lead control, reading your dog, some distractions, and ensuring that the dog is working scent specific. Trail distances should only be from 150 yards up to a quarter mile. It's not about the distance, as it is more about reading your dog, and the dog working through distractions, and surface changes.




This is a single FREE event. The purpose of this evaluation is. to identify the dog’s drive to search for and locate an odor. The evaluation will serve to identify which class you are best suited for. You may register more than one dog, however, keep in mind, that you can only work ONE DOG AT A TIME. Dogs must be secured safely when not being worked.

The evaluations will be held on Oct 1 and Oct 3, 2019, at 10 am or 630 pm. To register, send us an email via the Contact page. Be sure to include your contact information, the information on the dogs you wish to have evaluated, and your preferred date and time slot. The eval will be held in Medford, location TBD.


Starts Oct 8, 10 am OR 630 pm. 75 minutes This is a 6 week class, for the novice or hobby handler to get an introduction to canine scent detection work. The class will start with an introduction to Scent Theory. Your dog will be imprinted on the target odor(s) over 2-3 class meetings. We will work with different areas that are routinely encountered by search dogs; buildings, open areas, vehicles, and luggage/containers. PRE-REQ: Satisfactory Detection evaluation



Starts Oct 10, 10 am OR 630 pm, 75 minutes. This is a 3 week class. Working detection requires a certain amount of drive in the dog, to make an effective search dog. Not all dogs have those necessary drives. A dog’s drive is his intensity and motivation to seek out and locate a specific target. The goal of each of these sessions is to work on building the drive of those dogs who have shown that they have the drive, but for some reason, the drive is just stifled. With most dogs, we should be able to build that drive up, to start detection training, in about 3 sessions. PRE-REQ: Detection evaluation.