Founded Sept 2012

Claudia Marbury, Founder and Lead Trainer

We provide trained and certified search dog teams to help anyone with a valid need.  We support law enforcement, SAR teams, as well as the general public.  If you have a valid need, that has yet to satisfactorily fulfilled, let us know the details, and we can work something out, even if it is simply referring you to another agency/team.

Our own search dog teams are trained and certified volunteers and available to anyone FREE, however, law enforcement (LE) will be contacted before we respond, to ensure that we are not working an open law enforcement case.

Another aspect of our mission is to support our LE and SAR counterparts, in any way that we are able. Profits made from our classes and merchandise support our own volunteer search dog teams, other SAR teams in the region, a few dog rescue groups, and to help support our own cause to vest and equip police working dogs in the state of Oregon.

One thought on “ABOUT US

  1. Claudia-
    My name is Jennifer Boardman. I am a new working at the City of Medford Parks and Recreation. We are trying to get classes going for the fall here at the City. We did not have your contact information, but would love to have you come back for teaching dog training.
    My phone number is 541-774-2484. email- jennifer.boardman@cityofmedford.org

    Thank you,
    Jennifer Boardman


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