Diseases, treatments, and vaccines

With this so-called pandemic, why have the scientists and researchers, you know, those alleged ‘experts,’ why are they not working on any treatments for covid?

Well, they did have a very effective treatment for covid, within the first six months of this ‘scamdemic.’ It was used successfully by several doctors. But this did not benefit ‘Big Pharma’, so the FDA pulled it from use, as well as from the market. Rather than pulling this successful drug from the market, and banning it’s use for this disease, why did the scientists not conduct more research into this drug, and others, that may well be a successful treatment for covid?

I located this article from the The Virology Journal, a peer-reviewed scientific journal, for the NIH. The article is from 2005, yet still relevant today, as it’s regarding SARS-COV, the same virus family that SARS-COV-2 comes from.


So, ask yourself WHY won’t the FDA allow the use of hysroxycholoroquine as a treatment for covid? And why are they not working on other treatments? Why is all the attention being put into these experimental vaccines?

My guess is because certain greedy people want this virus to spread and mutate around the World, in order to decimate much of the world population. It’s all about power, greed, and CONTROL! They want us all to be dependent on the ‘government, for our survival and how we live our lives.

That is exactly what Socialism will do to our Great Country. If we allow our Freedoms to be taken away, life will never be the same! It’s the New World Order, folks.

To bring this back to the world of dogs, the primary purpose of my blog. These nonsense, ‘so-called’ covd restrictions are lunacy, to put it bluntly. I can go to the dentist and sit with my mouth wide open, for an hour, while they work on my teeth. But I cannot take my dog to the vet for a routine exam, without handing her over to the techs, outside the clinic, where I must remain, while my dog is examined inside, without me being in attendance. Now, every time that I have ever taken my dogs to the vet, she always asks me questions. How can I answer those questions, if I am standing outside, away from my dog? This makes no sense whatsoever! Now this is not in anyway, a negative towards our fantastic veterinary professionals. They are locked into this insanity by our idiotic state governor, who BTW, is financially beholden to George Soros.

This scamdemic is complete LUNACY, and again, it’s ALL ABOUT CONTROL!

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