Social media

Social media sites are great for keeping in touch with long distance family and friends, But using social media to stay informed on news and events, is not so great. Much of social media, along with their outright biased censorship, only allows the “news” that perpetuates their little agendas. They censor anything that even remotely disagrees with their narrative. This further degrades the current chaos that is dividing this great Country of ours, by inciting folks to act on the blatant discrimination that we are now incurring.

As far as “protests” go, it’s difficult for good people to peacefully protest a piece of lawless legislation, as many of our elected representatives do not want to see good people exercising their First Amendment rights to protest. But they no problems whatsoever in allowing anarchists to riot, destroy property, including small businesses, and harm others. They simply state that these people have the right to protest, while at the same time, putting barriers in place to not allow other peaceful protestors, protesting the opposite side, to gather in protest. They are met at times, with barbed wire and Police, in force.

I continue waiting for the day, when our pathetic excuse for a Governor will denounce the nefarious actions of BLM and Antifa, the true Domestic terrorists. But I hold out no hopes out for that. Unfortunately, it will take an outright civil war, to where those ‘bad actors’ that we call ‘elected reps’ will be hauled from office and imprisoned. The day is coming, mark my words. And sadly, there will be blood spilled. It’s not something that I want to see, but I am smart enough realize, that HISTORY DOES REPEAT ITSELF! Apparently, these folks have not learned a damn thing from that HISTORY!

You can only push good, law abiding people so far. And when they have hit their threshold, they will react, much as any other animal does. Yes, we human beings are a member of the Animal Kingdom, and protecting one’s own is an instinct.