What are they worried about?

So in checking my news today, online, I find this little ditty about the $1.9 trillion dollar covid relief bill.

First, I want to apologize to everyone, as this is not really about dogs. But social media has hit the big time in censoring that content which they do not want the American people to see. So this is my alternative, since this is MY site, and I own the domain.


One GOP senator has delayed the passage of this bill, by asking for the full 628 page report to be read aloud. As you can imagine, there is a lot of pushback by the Democratic ‘leadership’ and I use that term very loosely.

I have to wonder, if they are so worried about having the bill read aloud, BEFORE the vote, then what in Hell can possibly be in there, that they do not want the American people to know about.. Will this be another bill doling out taxpayers monies to states that have mismanaged their own funds, or to fund more slushy pet projects, both here in the US and in foreign countries. Remember the funding given to Pakistan for “gender identity” studies? Make no mistake, that funding was sure to be funneled to Al Qaeda or ISIS, or any of the other terrorist groups. Anyone with half a brain knows that Pakistan is ‘terrorist central.’ So why are we even giving them ANY US taxpayer monies?

I am just so tired of this nonsense. We need to take back our Great Country, before the lunatic liberal Left destroys it entirely.