Research Before You Share

If it’s important enough to you, then RESEARCH it! It’s really hard to research today, despite having Internet access. Why? Because ANYONE can put up a website and post whatever they like. This is my website, and I do post what I want. Anyone can do this, easily, and sometimes for FREE.

This is why it’s so very IMPORTANT to research and use reputable, credible sources for your research. I suggest Google Scholar (even though I detest most things Google). Articles on Google Scholar are scientific and peer reviewed in their subject areas.

I don’t recommend Wikipedia, even though it’s one of the first things to come up in most Internet searches. Do you know, that most anyone can submit and modify info on Wikipedia?

I also strongly advise against using anyone’s personal blog or website (like this one) for gathering important information for research purposes, UNLESS you also BACK THAT UP (VERIFY) with other more credible source(s). And if you are writing anything up, you should ALWAYS cite your sources.

Most people, especially true on social media, will not research things. It’s far too easy to just hit “Share” for all to see; Yes, I am guilty of doing that, but I’m working on it! It is becoming a lot like the mainstream media, who has taken criticism for “fake” news.

Actually, it all should be considered “fake” until it has been vetted. I only wish we had more responsible journalists who would take the time to research or vet any story before they publish. But today it seems to be more about getting the story out FIRST, before anyone else, even though that particular story may be nonsense claims, rather than verifiable truths.