Censorship must end!

Even though MY website is about working dogs and their training, I wanted to share this video, for ANYONE to be able to view, and make up your own minds. This video may be considered ‘controversial’ by some, and as such, Google and Facebook have been deleting them, almost as fast as others have been putting them up. This link that I am sharing, is NOT Google’s You Tube link, but another organization who believes in our right to Free Speech. If we all have free will, as one of our rights, given to us by our US Constitution, then we also have the right to view what we want, in order to gain a better understanding of all sides of this current situation, positive and negative. So this censorship by Big Tech, simply because something does not align with their own narrative, MUST STOP. You may choose to view, or not. It is YOUR own choice. I believe in giving everyone the facts from all sides of an issue, in order for them to make up their own minds. I cannot tell anyone what to believe, nor can I make up your mind for you. But we all need to have all sides of any issue, in order to be as well informed as is possible.