Pets and Coronavirus

Good afternoon Everyone! I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe, and that includes your dogs. As always, if you are concerned for your dog PLEASE contact your veterinarian right away. Most vets are now locking down their offices, and only working emergency care. However, if you have questions and concerns, they are available by phone, to ease your concerns or fears.

The point of this post, is the news reports of animals around the world being “positively” tested for Coronavirus.

My current knowledge, is that dogs cannot acquire this strain of Coronavirus. Dogs are susceptible to a canine Coronavirus strain, though it is not the same strain as what we are dealing with today. And the canine coronavirus is not a zoonotic disease, meaning it is not transmissable to humans.

Another thing we all need to know is that “coronavirus” is a ‘family’ of viruses. Maybe that’s not the ideal term to use, but I was at a loss for the proper wording. Almost every species of animal has a distinct strain of coronavirus tied to their species. So if you hear of someone or an animal having contracted Coronavirus, please DO NOT PANIC! Our cold and flu viruses are coronaviruses. Dogs get coronaviruses, as do horses and other pets. And there are vaccines for those strains. The reason there is currently no vaccine for this strain of coronavirus, is because it is a new strain, that is believed to have jumped from an animal to humans. Just because this strain has jumped, does not mean that the others will as well.

If you live healthy, eat well, and move during the day, your chances of remaining healthy are greatly increased.

That said, this is a very fluid situation, meaning that things are changing almost daily, sometimes hourly. But there is a ton of research going on. Researchers, scientists, doctors, and veterinarians are not sitting idly by waiting for this to pass. They are working and researching this.

The BEST thing that we, as dog owners, can do, is to not pass on hearsay. Social media and info is like the COVID-19 virus; it spreads by social online ‘contact.’ If you hear something that concerns you, PLEASE just pick up the phone and talk with your veterinarian. They are the experts. If for some reason, they are unable to answer your question, I’m sure they will research it and get back to you.

And if you hear something from a veterinarian, that is different from what I have said here, please shoot me an email and let me know. This way, I can research it for myself, and talk with my vet, so that I am not passing on inaccurate information.

Thank you all. Have a Great Day and Stay Safe. We will all get through this, and soon be back at what we love doing…training our dogs!