And another one bites the dust…thanks to a police K-9 and arrest team.

Another less than outstanding member of society has succumbed to life in our local jail, thanks in part to the vigilance and quick actions of a homeowner and stellar response of local Sheriff’s deputies, that included a K-9.

After spotting an unknown male on her property, going through her garage and vehicles, a local resident called police to report the trespasser. While on the phone with the dispatcher, she was surprised when she saw the intruder IN HER HOUSE, as she had previously believed that he had left. She then retreated to the rear of the home, until the arrival of police, who safely evacuated her, while they attempted to take the male into custody.

This individual has had prior criminal troubles, from alcohol to drugs to thefts, dating back to when he was a minor.

In case you had not heard, CRIME DOES NOT PAY. At least not here, in Jackson County, Oregon.