Water, water, pure filtered water

I want to give a plug to a water filtration system that I believe is just heads above all others on the market. That is Berkey Water Filter systems. This system filters out 200+ contaminants from your water, to include chlorine, flouride, and arsenic, as well as heavy metals, just to name a few.

I was initially turned on to this product and company by a former college classmate. Just a couple months ago, I purchased my own system, the Travel Berkey. This one is the smaller size, as I live alone, just me and my dog, and my kitchen counter space is limited. However, this size gives me more than enough water for my drinking needs, my dog’s water needs, and our cooking needs. I fill it once a day, and I am set. I have two one liter glass bottles, that I will fill each day with my fresh purified water, and store in the fridge for our needs for the day. There is also enough water left in the reservoir that I use to fill my water cup through the day. Yepper, I am always drinking water throughout the day. At the end of the evening, before going off to bed, I will refill the reservoir, and have fresh pure water in the morning.

Berkey also has a shower filter in their product line, which interested me very much, though at the time, it was not in stock. So I signed up for an email notification when it came back in stock. This shower filter will filter out the chlorine that is in your municipal water supply. That same chlorine is responsible for drying out your skin. I notice this all year long, but most prevalently, during the winter months.

Yesterday, I received an email telling me the shower filter was in stock. So I went to the website to order, and remembered that I had received a coupon after ordering my regular unit a couple months ago. I decided to order a couple more items that I had been wanting, as the coupon was about to expire in another month or so. The other items I purchased were a stand for my unit, and a Sport Berkey, a water bottle with it’s own filtration system. This can be used when out hiking, camping, or travelling, or just out at the park for the day. Fill it from whatever source you want, and it filters out all sorts of contaminants. I will be using this often when out working at the sports park, so that I don’t have to lug several plastic water bottles with me. This filtration unit and my new sports bottle are saving me, and the environment, from having to buy cases of water bottles each month.

I think this Sport Berkey water bottle would be ideal for SAR dog handlers and the other SAR personnel for use on search missions, as well as out at training days. If you are out in the woods or mountains, just fill your bottle from a lake or stream, and it filters out and purifies your water for you. From Berkey’s website, “this filter is a true portable Water filter and uses medical grade technology to produce a convenient and portable water filtration system…The Sport Berkey will filter 100 gallons of water from a municipal water source, and 25 gallons from other water sources.”

For SAR folks, if your SAR organization wants to order these, they can have the bottles custom labelled. Hint, great fundraising or membership drive ideas.

Purified water wherever you go!

A word of warning here, when refilling your water tank, ENSURE THAT THE UPPER RESERVOIR IS COMPLETELY EMPTY! I refilled mine one time, without checking, and I noticed that some things I had stored underneath my water system, were wet. If it is not emptied when you refill it, the excess will leak out. For me, it was not much of an issue, as I had my system on a wire stand, with a towel covering, and supplies underneath were just a couple cases of canned sardines. So no harm was done to anything.

Both times now, that I have ordered, I have received my order in 1-2 days. I ordered my recent order yesterday, Thursday, Feb 13, and I received it today, Friday, Feb 14. That’s less than 24 hours! I am in Southern Oregon, and Berkey is located in Pueblo, CO, though they have a shipping warehouse in Sparks, NV. That is EXCELLENT customer service, in my opinion!

So if pure water is something that you like for both drinking, cooking, showering, as well as for your dogs and other pets, I highly recommend looking into this company. The cost is not exorbitant, and the cost of replacement filters is reasonable, considering you probably won’t have to replace them for at least a year.

NOTE: I do not receive any compensation of any kind from sales of this product. I’m only passing on a product to you, that I truly believe in.