This is not necessarily dog related, maybe, but it is far too important to not let everyone have all sides of an issue. Regardless of how you feel about certain news websites, censorship is NEVER a good option. Censorship just shows that you have something to hide. My personal belief is that you allow everyone the ability to have all sides of an issue, so that they can freely make up their own mind, with logical, rational thought processes

FYI, I found this video on, which is being heavily attacked and censored for their policies of allowing everyone to have all sides of any issue. When I went to login to Brighteon, I normally use my gmail (free) account, but that being Google and free, the pw reset email never came through. So I changed my login info to use my email account from my website, which is through GSuite, another Google service, but since I PAY for it, they cannot legally restrict my emails. We shall see!

I do not care for censorship in any form, and I will defend anyone’s right to voice their own opinions, as long as they are not shaming others.