Zephyr Tales

Well, today was vet day for Zephyr. Doc took her temp which was a low grade fever of 103, so she has something going on. And he also drew some blood, so hopefully, we will get some more insight as to what is going on with her.

We did discover that she will eat; she is just very picky as to what she will eat. Doc had some dog treats in the exam room and she gobbled up a few quite eagerly. Best of all, she kept them down! No regurgitation. So I bought a couple bags of those.

I’m going to change up her diet, to include some human grade lean meats, at least until she gets through this. We will know more tomorrow when the bloodwork results come back.

Zephyr also got a badly needed nail trim. She will not allow me to do this, so we must always go in somewhere and have it done. Now Zephyr is not at all fond of nail trims, but with her fever, it was just too much to ask of my girl to behave nicely. She got a little pissy a couple times, which is exactly why I ALWAYS muzzle and leash muzzle. SAFETY FIRST!

Now, a few hours after her vet visit, and feeding her a few things, NOTHING has come back up. We may well be on the backside of this. Knock on wood, fingers crossed. Zephyr even showed a little interest in her squeaky tennis ball, jumping in the air to catch it. The last few days, she had no interest whatsoever in her toys.