No training for a few days.

So what do you do when your working dog is sick? Pretty much, whatever needs to be done!

Zephyr is not entirely herself these days. Initially, I was very scared, and praying to God, please don’t take my dog. She is my world and my reason for being. Zephyr has never been sick a day in all her seven years.

I am not one to rush my dog into the vet for anything. I know dogs and I know when it is appropriate to get her into the vet.

Last night, Zephyr only ate half her rations. Today, while I was having my morning oatmeal and coffee, I offered Z some cheese. Normally, she enthusiastically devours her cheese. But today, she only nibbled on a couple pieces, then got up and left the room. This is very unlike my girl!

She has just been lying around, resting. She still hears everything, and she does react, though not in her typical fashion. Today, Z is very low-key, which as anyone who knows the Dutch Shepherd and Malinois breeds, knows that is not the typical demeanor of these breeds.

So, I have decided to ‘fast’ my girl for 24 hours, ensuring she has plenty of fresh water available. I’ll give it about 24 hours, and whatever it is should pass by then. If not, then I will take her into our vet for a check.