Why should you get a dog?


This is a cute and fun read, but keep in mind, the decision to get a dog depends on far more than your star sign. Never acquire a dog based on your star sign. There are several more factors to consider before getting a dog.

Examples of what to take into account when getting a dog are the genetic breeding of the dog, as in what the dog has been bred for, and why you want a dog. You probably do not want a dog that has been bred for herding work, if you live in a small apartment, with no room for the dog to get her daily quota of exercise.

You also want to decide on why you want a dog. There are a variety of reasons for getting a dog; protection, companionship, or dog sports. However these all require that you devote the time necessary to the dog and her training. But the biggest reason to NOT get a dog is for that status of owning a particular breed. You normally see this crop up immediately after the big dog shows have been televised, and we see a boon of people acquiring the breed that just won the Best in Show. That shows status right there.

Potential dog owners need to take into account why they want a dog, what the dog has been bred for, and decide if they have time for the dog’s daily needs, to include exercise, feeding, and veterinary care. You cannot just get a dog, then toss him out into the yard, only interacting with him once a day, or worse, once or twice a week. Dogs are social creatures and they need our positive interactions with them. Think of them as family, but keep in mind that they are still dogs, and not your children, or your “fur kids” as the current trends tend to refer to them. Dogs are dogs, and they require our care of them. When you give them the best possible care that you can, and interact positively with them, you will get the same back a hundred fold.

I cannot imagine life without a dog. But I also know that my dog is a DOG. She is my companion and my partner. She is not a pet nor is she my “fur child.” I would do anything for my dog, and I know that she will defend me if the time ever arises that I need her.