Responsibility in owning dogs is an absolute!

To go along with my previous post on dog attacks, this case is absolutely unacceptable, and it should be to everyone else!

From what the article says, this owner and his dogs, have had at least two other cases of attacks on others, yet here they still are. I have to wonder 1) WHAT is this owner doing to resolve this issue, and 2) why were the dogs NOT confined in a physical enclosure?

To have the same dogs and owner involved in repeated attacks, obviously shows that something responsible is not being done to ensure the safety of others. I have to wonder why the authorities in that town have not pursued this, as it sounds by the article, that nothing was done.

These incidents will continue as long as irresponsible people are not held accountable. And if it goes too far, I’m afraid that all other dog owners will eventually feel the effects.

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