The weather is getting cooler. Let’s T-R-A-C-K!!!

Our weather is getting cooler, which makes for terrific tracking weather.  Just like a working dog handler, to judge the weather by the dog’s work, huh?  This time of year, I am always looking for new folks to lay a trail for my dog.  I ask total strangers, whom I meet on the street.  You can only imagine some of the looks that we get. 

And, with that, onto dog training and events.

Phoenix Working Dogs will be hosting a tracking dog competition, tentatively slated for Fall 2020.  More info on this will be posted on the website later. 

For those tracking handlers who compete in tracking competitions, such as AKC, this is not set up like traditional ‘footstep’ tracking.  In trailing, the dog is following human scent, dropped along the trail, rather than footsteps and ground disturbance odor.  Dogs work a trail using both nose to ground tracking, and air scent abilities.

However, all you competition “tracking” teams are more than welcome to compete.  Just keep in mind, the differences.  All teams, regardless of designation, will be held to the same standards and rules of the competition.  There will be NO adjustments or waivers for tracking handlers who may train differently.

The areas will be urban and semi wilderness.  Trails will only be about one quarter to one mile in length, with 1-2 turns.  There will only be one target subject but there may be other diversionary subjects along the trail, as well as surface changes and other distractors.  Dog MUST correctly indicate on the target subject. 

Every competing tracking team will have a separate trail in a separate location.  We do NOT run multiple dogs on the same trail, as that is not effective. 

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