Watch WHAT you say, and HOW you say it

Today, with just about anything being classified as offensive or threatening, and potential for arrest by authorities, we must absolutely be mindful of exactly what we say or do.  I have included here just such an example of that.

Here is an interesting list of words that have the potential to land anyone on a governmental watch list.  I think however, that it is not the words that they are flagging, as it is the CONTEXT, they are used in.

Regardless, here is a post that I came up with, about my training with my dog, and it uses TEN of the words on the Domestic Security list.  The ten words have been marked in bold.

“I am working on an exercise for Zephyr’s firearms detection work.   We run these drills daily, in order to stay proficient.

Our purpose is to help mitigate any potential security threats, and/or incidents posed to our community.

We are available to authorities to conduct screening checks for firearms, in different facilities, to include buildings, parking lots, vehicles, and bags and containers. Our goal is prevention, as that is an important step to combatting this plague on our society.”

As you can see, there is nothing nefarious about my post, or my choice of words.  But if I took those same words, and worked them into another paragraph, of more obvious illicit intent, YES, that would sure as heck land me on a watch list.  It would also probably have me detained and interrogated by law enforcement authorities.  But for my own personal freedom, as well as my INTEGRITY, I will not post anything such as that.  I just don’t want that inconvenience and intrusion into my life, nor do I want the “appearance” that I am a “criminal” or “terrorist.”