Never Stop Training

🐕I am a working dog handler. I drive a 1990 F-250. It needs work. It rarely gets the gas tank filled all the way. But I train. 
🐕Occasionally, I go to training seminars. When I do attend a seminar, I pack along a sleeping bag, tent, and food & snacks for me and my dog, because hotels cost $$ that is better spent on my dog. But we train.
🐕My life is all about my dog, her training, and the work that we do for our community. And so we train!
🐕You mess with my dog, and you have just woken the Devil in me. Because we train.
🐕For me, it’s all about dogs and working to make our community a better and safer place to live. So, we train. Always. 
🐕We train at different times of the day/night, in different areas, and different weather conditions. Always train to make yourselves a better team. 
🐕You never know what situations you will encounter that ‘may’ affect how your dog works. Look for different, odd situations, and use them as training scenarios.
🐕So train. Always. Never stop training. It makes you a better team.