What to use to protect your dog from heartworm disease.

Here is an interesting article I found on heartworms and heartworm preventatives. My dog, Zephyr is not on these poisons. Instead she gets a few drops of black walnut tincture once a day (from our holistic vet). I mix this into her food, and ONLY during our heartworm season; June-October.

Zephyr used to have a type of ‘seizure’ where she would bite/tear at the carpet. Since stopping the heartworm meds, AND putting her on a natural, raw diet, these have completely stopped!! 
Now, I cannot directly or scientifically attribute this to the heartworm meds or her diet, because I am not a scientist. But it’s quite coincidental, and good enough for me!!

FYI, Zephyr had been off heartworm meds for about 3 years, when I had her examined by our new vet, in April 2019. He tested her for heartworms and she was clear.

In the end, it is YOUR choice, and ONLY your choice, as to what to use for your dog. Just be an informed consumer, and dog owner, and DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!