Lunging, barking, biting, oh my.

Here is another terrific article; this one on dog thresholds and triggers. This will work out well for Zephyr and I. She gets over excited on walks when we meet other dogs. She is such a social diva! She thinks that it is her right to ‘meet ‘n greet’ every dog that we come across. But if I try to maneuver her away, she gets pissed, and starts tugging on her leash.
Go to this blog and give it a like; “Where dogs and science meet.” There is lots of science based information there, related to dog training. And we all know (or should), dog training is rooted in science.

Where dogs and science meet

Does your dog embarrass you on walks? Is your dog struggling to be calm when they see humans, dogs, bikes, joggers, etc?  I’ve been there. My first dog, Pepper, was so afraid of strangers that one day while running alongside my bike, she veered into the road because the upcoming car was less scary to her than the stranger 50 plus feet down the hill. The second dog I adopted, BJ, was terrified of new places, people, and dogs.  Astrid was so frustrated by the leash preventing her from running up to other dogs and chase other critters, that she used to throw temper tantrums that would make a 2-year-old child seem mild-mannered and sometimes she would growl at dogs.

Did you know that one of the pioneers in canine behavior modification, Karen Overall, learned much of what she shares with us today from a dog named Flash that put…

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