Taking dogs to the back of the Veterinary Clinic. Why?

Excellent thoughts here. I am one handler who prefers to be present, and hold my own dog, for routine procedures. If you feel you need to take my dog “into the back” without me, then I have to wonder just WHAT you are planning to do with her!!

Where dogs and science meet

Pet parents are what psychologists and animal behaviorists call a stable attachment base for their pets. Our presence reassures our animals and helps them handle scary situations with less stress and fewer negative psychological outcomes [1,2,3].

When I adopted Astrid after a 10 year break from dogs, I was surprised by a veterinary practice trend that I hadn’t encountered before.  The technician wanted to take Astrid to the back for her blood draw and vaccinations. With my previous pets I had always been present for these routine procedures.  Since then I have found “taking animals to the back” for routine procedures to be standard practice at 3 out of 4 clinics I have visited. This may seem like an insignificant change to make the technicians job easier but it can actually have far reaching consequences.

The “stability effect” has been studied in children and in dogs.  Studies have shown that…

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