Can a Dog’s Diet Really Affect Their Behavior and Training?

I am a firm believer that a dog’s diet does much to help shape their behavior, as much as your training does. My dog Zephyr, is a very highly driven, extremely dominant, and fiercely independent, little Dutch Shepherd. She is my first Dutch Shepherd, and I have been 100% happy with this breed. As I often say, my heart belongs FOREVER to this breed! But Zephyr and I did have a couple issues, that we needed to work out. Despite my handling many different breeds over 40+ years, I had much to learn about this breed. So we embarked on a learning process together. I say “we” because it is truly WE that have to work, and make changes. It is never only about the dog, and the sooner more owners, and handlers figure that out, the better your training, and your life will become.

Just one behavioral issue that I had noticed with Zephyr, was that she was not comfortable with allowing me to lean into her to kiss her face, as she would snap at me. I countered this with lots of training to work on this particular issue. I was thinking that this behavior was just a “startle reflex” that many dogs do have, so I started working with her by first easily approaching her, while speaking calmly to her. This was working, somewhat.

Soon after, in June 2018, I put her on a raw diet. I began noticing one-by-one, all those pesky little issues began to disappear. This to me, says a LOT about the fact of commercial kibble diets not being all that great for our dogs. In addition, they are loaded with chemical preservatives, not to mention, all the other garbage”ingredients” that they contain.

Today, Zephyr is a much calmer, and happier dog. Yes, she does still get ramped up, whenever someone walks too close to my windows, and she lets them know, in no uncertain terms, to BACK OFF! But that is a dog’s job! As long as it is in my control, Zephyr will ALWAYS be fed a fresh, homemade diet. And to Thank me, Zephyr now gives me her “Zephyr kisses” for her super fresh and nutritious meals.

For times, when raw feeding is not an option, I always keep a stock of TurboPup bars on hand. TurboPup is a veteran/woman owned business owned by Kristina Guerrero. Kristina was a C-130 Turboprop pilot in the USAF, and now is an entrepeneur in Deschutes County, Oregon. She is a member of her County SAR group, and had gotten NASAR (National Assocaiation of Search and Rescue) to designate TurboPup bars as the “official” meal bars for SAR dogs. She was featured in 2015 on Shark Tank, that resulted in her partnership with Daymond John, to help grow her fledging business.

NOTE: I am a customer of TurboPup only. I do NOT receive free products, nor compensation of any kind.