What Do I Do Next?

You just lost your beloved family dog. The procedure in the vet’s office was difficult and emotional. But now, you are faced with what to do with your faithful and loyal companion’s body. At the moment, the options seem so confusing, not to mention costly.

This is an interesting article by Dr Karen Becker of Healthy Pets, regarding burial of beloved pets, and other options, after they have crossed the “Rainbow Bridge.”

Many pet owners still opt for backyard burial of their pets, mainly due to the cost of other options. Dr Becker explains here why that is not really a good option, especially if you still have other pets.

Personally, I love all my dogs with my whole heart, but I just cannot see past the fact they will be buried in the ground and eaten away by worms, insects, and perhaps other critters. And what happens if I move from that house? My dogs deserve better than that!