Paws to Fight Crime

Anyone who knows me, knows that I strongly support our law enforcement officers and my community.

Our County here in Jackson County, Oregon, is in dire need of a new jail. They are looking to build an 800 bed jail, increased from the current 300+ bed jail. But some of our communities in the County are opposed to the Sheriff’s proposal to fund this necessary new jail.

Our jail is so small, and crime is so high, that our law enforcement officers are doing their job, and catching these criminals. But due to the small jail size, many of these criminals are released within 24-48 hours. The criminals know they will be out, and free to conduct their illegal activities once again, impacting the good citizens of our County.

So with that in mind, I am going to work, and do my own SMALL part to help raise funds for my community. As an AKC CGC evaluator, I am going to be conducting Canine Good Citizen tests, with the funds raised being donated to my County for the new jail.

I understand this is a very small part, but if each one of Jackson County’s citizens did something similar, using their own talents or skills, just imagine what we could accomplish.

And this could also be done in each and every one of our cities, counties, and states across this great nation of our’s. So get out there and support your community! Every one of us has a specific talent or skill. Go use it. Go Be Great Today!!