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Koop’R — Search and Rescue

Location: Laurel, Maryland

Abandoned in the summer of 2013, Koop’R was a scrawny little thing when he was rescued and began training in wilderness search & rescue. He quickly picked up his new job, earning his first national certification in 2015. While he continued training with the KlaasKids Search Center, he also furthered his service to the community by being not only an ambassador for his breed but also worked to further autism awareness. He always spent a little bit more time with his special fans and became the unofficial “spokedog” for Steps for Autism, a grassroots autism awareness event in Pensacola, FL. Almost exactly four years after he was adopted, Koop’R went from being the rescued to the rescuer; he was a part of the team that found an 84-year-old woman with dementia who had walked away from her home in Daphne, AL. Although she had a sprained ankle and was dehydrated, she was otherwise in good condition. In 2018 Koop’R faced a huge change as his family moved to Maryland on military orders. It was difficult at first to find a new team as a few teams had breed restrictions and others were just not a good fit, but eventually Koop’R found a new home with Calvert K9 Search Team. In February 2019, on his first mission in Maryland, Koop’R found an elderly woman who suffered from dementia and had wandered away from her home in Bowie, MD. The search had been going for almost six hours when Koop’R made the find. He might have started life as a rescue, but now Koop’R the one who does the rescuing!

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