Search and Rescue training

I do not know why or what possessed this man to begin offering search and rescue dog training to pet dog owners, but he is in no way qualified to do this, anymore than he is qualified to train dogs in obedience or to correct behaviors.

But the average pet owner just does not understand these things.  They only want a quick fix to their dog’s problems.  And because this man is a television personality, rather than a legitimate dog trainer, who employs science based training, people tend to believe in what he says.

I will not go into saying anything further, but I will say, if you care about your dog, please research a problem, and then get qualified help, by asking for referrals from other pet owners, shelters, and veterinarians.  Most professionals in the dog industry today, have entirely turned their backs on this man, as he uses and condones using harsh, outdated, and aversive training techniques.  His methods will one day get a dog handler seriously hurt, but he will be covered as he loves to use those “disclaimers.”

Basically, what I am saying is, BUYER BEWARE!!!