To fly, or not to fly. That is the question.

Many people will not like this, but I am against allowing dogs to fly in-cabin on our public aircraft, ordinarily.  There are exceptions, but those rarely occur, UNLESS that dog is a legitimate service dog, who’s trained alert is to save the life of his handler. If the handler can control their disability through meds or any other way, then NO, that dog does not belong in-cabin.
Working dog handlers, military, police, and SAR, are rarely trained enough to be able to handle an emergency that should arise in-flight, aboard an aircraft, let alone the average civilian with their alleged “service dog.” This makes that dog, and YOU, a liability on the aircraft! You also need to take into account the other passengers, who have also paid for their privilege to be there. There are many people who are just downright fearful of dogs, from prior incidents. And regardless of how well trained your dog is, and how much you are paying attention, YOU cannot control how that person is going to feel or react. It’s really about just being a responsible citizen and being respectful of others. It’s not only about YOU and YOUR DOG!
But it seems today, that we have many people who just feel they are entitled to have precious little Fluffy, or that highly trained working dog in-cabin. And there is usually no legitimate reason. It is all for the “convenience” of the handler, to not have to wait to pick up their dog from baggage claim, or cargo, whichever applies.
So let’s all try to be the responsible handlers that we should be and take into account the well-being of others.  After all, isn’t that WHY we have chosen this profession, to keep others safe and secure?